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Paul Ponna Webinar – Guru Product Launches

Oct 20 2010

He focuses on the weight loss and Forex markets but the methods will work for any niche. He controls the traffic of any niche without spending any money doing so. With his system you can thrive without spending lots of money and increasing your business costs. Getting free traffic is possible by becoming popular in the organic results of search engines like Google, AOL, and Bing. His system is called the Affiliate Launch Traffic Sniper Method.

The system involves selecting an information product that will be releasing soon. You write an article, post a video, and bookmark your websites. He feels that these articles, videos and bookmarks will rank high in the search engines as the web properties are already considered authorities. He demonstrates one product from ClickBank and shows that the search results are dominated by article directories and video sites.

A really good site that Paul mentions is This site provides a list of upcoming product launches that you can become an affiliate for. The products are listed by the date of launch and seems very inclusive. If you receive a lot of guru product launch emails already, you will recognize many of the product names on the list. His theory is that old keywords are difficult to rank for but brand new products introduce a set of new keywords that are much easier to rank for. And he feels that the ‘Review’ keywords are the #1 buyer keywords, not always the ones targeted.

Watch at least the first half of the video for these tips and a couple more.

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