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Five Tips to Increase Sales with an Auto Dialer

May 09 2011

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Do you need to increase your sales and make more profits for your business? Here are five proven tips that will work with your auto dialer program and will not cost you anything to use.

1. Concentrate on One Thing

When you are selling to your customer, only concentrate on selling one thing at a time. This will limit your potential buyer to only giving you a “yes” or “no” answer. Also, your auto dialer sales agent will be able to focus better on making the sell. When you give your buyer too many choices, it is easy for them to become confused about what one is right for them to make. They will likely decide that instead of making the wrong choice, it is easier to just say “no” and hang up on the auto dialer.

2. State the Benefit

Train your auto dialer sales team to clear state the benefit your products has to offer your customer.  Everyone wants to know the bottom line when it comes to buying something and this is your product greatest selling appeal. Make the benefit attractive to your buyers. Also, have your auto dialer state the benefit when it leaves messages for potential customers. Leading with your product’s best asset will capture the buyer’s attention.

3. Have a Personalized Method

Train your auto dialer sales team to have a personal approach when making a sell. Most people would rather buy from someone who is personally helping them. Have your sells team develop a sale message to use on the auto dialer that will be friendly to your potential leads. Making your consumer feel comfortable with your sales agents is important when you are making a sell.

4. Be Specific

Auto dialer agents are often too vague when they are describing their products to customers. They use words like “great” and “amazing”, but what the customer really wants to know is what the product will do for them.  Be specific, for example saying, “Our product will save you 20% in the first month of use” will be more motivating to buyers than to simply say, “Our product will save you money”.

5. Customers Buy on Impulse

Remind your auto dialer team that customers buy on impulse. The purchases they make are because the sales person made them feel good about buying the product. To increase the amount of sales you make, you need to get your buyers excited about what you are offering them. Train your sales team to use good communication skills which will paint vivid images of a happy and improved lifestyle that is free from debt for your customer and you will be amazed at how fast your sales will increase.

These are five simple tips to increase your sales using your auto dialer team. Your business will immediately see the results you want. Be sure to have follow meetings with your sales staff, having them share their own success stories about these five simple tips will keep the energy level high.

By Catherine C. Harris, Researcher and Writer for

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