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How to Incorporate QR Codes in Marketing for Your Small Business

Nov 21 2011

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Quick Response, or QR, codes are gaining in popularity in America. More and more people have camera phones that connect to the Internet, so they can easily scan a QR code and receive its content. QR codes are a good supplemental aspect of your marketing campaign. Not everyone responds well to QR codes, so you shouldn’t rely on them solely. A QR code should add something additional to your marketing. It should link to content that is informative or entertaining, and something that your will enhance your customer’s experience. This type of marketing can bring in big business if done effectively. Here are some ways to incorporate QR codes in marketing for your small business.


QR codes should lead your customers to supplemental information that is relevant and helpful. They can lead to all sorts of content, so be creative. You don’t just want a QR code to direct someone back to your website. Where’s the fun in that? Use QR codes to deliver videos or pictures. Give the user something they will appreciate. Depending on what your QR code is appearing on, there are lots of options. If you have a food product, a QR code could link to nutritional information, recipes, or suggestions for pairing. A QR code on your product could send users tips on how to use it or an instructional video. It could contain a video testimonial. It can be fun, with related jokes or puzzles. Your QR code should enhance their experience with your product or service in some way.


Your QR codes could also lead users to ways to communicate with your business. It can provide them with your contact information, or even generate a call or a text message. A QR code could also let users sign up for your email list, and you can collect their personal data such as email address of phone number automatically, if they allow it. This will help you build up your list of subscribers. A QR code should encourage communication with your customers and open the lines.

Data Collection

When people access your QR codes, you can receive data on where and when they did so, including how often if they’re repeat users. These metrics will help you evaluate if your QR code campaign is working or if it needs improvement.

Where Should You Place QR Codes?

If you want to use a QR code, where do you put it? There are unlimited options. Anywhere you can print a design could contain a QR code. Put them on your business cards. Put them on any advertising materials, such as menus and brochures. Put them on product labels or include them on in-store displays. They can be included on print advertisements in newspapers or magazines, or anywhere online, including your own website. You can even try guerrilla marketing and place them random places like in bus stops, coffee shops, and park benches.

How Do You Get One?

There are a number of places to get a QR code, and you can pay to have it designed for you. Or, you can use a free QR code generator, like Once you have a QR code, you can change up what it links to at anytime without reprinting anything. It will always link back to the same URL, so just change what that URL contains anytime you want to provide some fresh information, which is good to do every so often.

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