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The Simpler Way to Guest Post (MyBlogGuest Infographic)

May 23 2012

Are you looking for opportunities to help improve your visible presence online? As a blogger, marketer or freelance writer, you are likely to have to contend with a massively over saturated market with too much competition to stand out.

Obviously, you can do things the hard way. You can spend hours every week on Twitter, Google and various blogs looking for guest blogging opportunities - which is more or less the only way a writer can reach the public these days.

Or you can try a simpler way that is called MyBlogGuest.

What Is MyBlogGuest?

The idea is pretty simple. You sign up and bring with you all those posts you want to market to other blogs. When you sign up, you can also sync up your social media profiles (such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and others), as well as blogs or websites you own or regularly write for. This helps them determine your “power”, while also promoting you and your sites.

Once you are signed up and your profile is saved, you can get to work. Write great guest articles and upload them. These will all go into the Article Gallery. Once there, blog owners can look and make bids on the piece. They will tell you where and when they will want to post. Immediately, you get to choose the best offer and end up with a high powered link to add to your current sample collection.

New Feature

The new features are constantly added. One of them is called Infographics Gallery. It works by allowing you to upload an infographic in the same way you would an article, including multiple times. Then people bid on it the same way.

It hasn't been around very long so it would be hard to say for sure how well it works. But it can be an excellent means to diversify your blog content!

Don’t trust our word? Check our MyBlogGuest video reviews our users make for us!

You can download this infographic in various layouts as well as read the history of the project here.


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